Houses made of manually felled round logs.

If you prefer the classic style and traditional round logs but you want to prevent corner blowing and constant caulking, the Canadian technology of manual felling is exactly what you need. The main difference of the Canadian felling from the traditional Russian one is the presence of notches, a special arrangement of self-locking corner halving that prevents blowing, and the high precision of manufacture of all wooden elements of the log house. Even decades later, the log houses manufactured based on the Canadian technology have a beautiful appearance and consumer qualities. The Canadian felling is a combination of the traditional style and best technology of wooden housing construction. Here are the advantages of the Canadian felling:

  • Each log is carefully selected, barked and cut only manually, unlike butt-end logs, so these different materials shouldn’t be confused.
  • The Canadian felling is carried out completely manually. The insulation groove and bowl are chosen completely and only manually.
  • The Canadian felling stipulates high-precision log adjustment, absence of gaps between logs, a trapezoidal bowl, the walls of log houses look as solid wood, with invisible insulation.
  • The manual Canadian felling features the retained strong outer layer of wood, which significantly increases the service life of the log house.
  • Absence of gaps between logs; placement of insulation along the log in the groove, which makes it invisible from the outside. The log house also retains the natural log curves, which makes each wall original and individual. Each log house is special and unique.
  • The perfect carpentry mastery is tight corner log connections arranged with the millimeter precision. The dead weight of logs combined with tight fitting makes the log house durable and reliable for ages, and its appearance brings delight and admiration.

The log house is also easy maintained and can be used for up to a few hundred years. Once you’ve lived in a wooden house, you will never want to return to stone, concrete and brick houses. You’ll get a lot of positive emotions from your log house.

Log houses are manufactured on our production sites. We use planed dried logs and half-timber of quality northern pine for the manufacture of log houses. Pine grows throughout Russia, except for the Baikal Mountains, the Eastern Sayan Mountains and the Patom Highland. The tree may grow up to 50 m high. The trunk thickness reaches 1.3–1.5 m. Due to the almost widespread growing, the pine became greatly popular in the construction of private log houses. In cost terms, log houses made of pine prevail over all other types of wood, but cost-effectiveness is not their only benefit. Pine wood contains a large amount of resin and phytoncides, which provides favorable indoor microclimate. If you've ever been inside a pine house, you certainly remember the fresh air full of forest aroma, which is continuously retained in the premises. Manually felled houses made of pine are very warm. They are easy to heat in winter and retain indoor gracious coolness in summer, regardless of the high outdoor temperature. Another crucial point: the house made of half-timber or round pine logs requires no additional finishing. The wood of this tree has an attractive amber color and is filled with inner light that practically illuminates the premises, even in complete darkness.

Plan of the cottage

Plan of the cottage

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Five reasons to choose a wooden house

  1. Strength of material

    Wooden construction is the oldest type of construction in Nordic countries. You can find houses that were built several hundred years ago but are still firm. Although, in those early days little attention was paid to the foundation, and there was no technology of antiseptic protection of wood. The wood is known to age very slowly. Recent seismic studies conducted in Japan showed that log houses are the safest solution in terms of seismic resistance.

  2. Ease of use

    Another advantage of wooden structures is ease of use of wooden materials in construction: each log is numbered, and the drawing shows a detailed assembly procedure. This creates conditions for independent work, without additional expenses for other specialists.

  3. High insulation

    It is no secret that the wood collects heat very efficiently and releases it slowly.

  4. Eco-friendliness of material

    “Wood breathes” is the common expression. And it is really so: the wood consists of a huge number of porous particles which allow for natural air ventilation, thus creating a pleasant and fresh environment in a wooden house.

  5. Comfortable living environment

    For many centuries houses made of logs and timber have been used by our ancestors for living. They are used for the same purpose now. A wooden house is a wonderful combination of protection against environmental factors and the natural comfortable and cozy environment.

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